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  1. Who is eligible to participate in Asia Young Designer Award?

    This contest is open to:

    • Second-year interior design students onwards. [Interior Design Category]

    • Third-year architectural students onwards. [Architecture Category]

    All participants must be enrolled in an educational institution majoring in interior design or architecture.

  2. How many design projects can I submit for Asia Young Designer Award?

    You may submit only 1 (ONE) project per year per student.

  3. What will the grand prize winner of Asia Young Designer Award receive?

    The grand prize winner will receive:

    • A 6-month paid internship with IJM Land Berhad

    • RM5,000 cash price

    • An all-expenses paid trip to the Regional Learning Programme & Trip (Compete against winners from 14 other countries to win the Platinum Award and USD $1,000 cash).

  4. How do I find out more about the contest?

  5. Who are the supporting organisations for Asia Young Designer Award?

    Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), KeTTHA, Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia and Rehda Youth.

  6. Where can I get the contest Entry Form?

    You can download the contest Entry Form at

  7. How long or short should my design statement be?

    Your design statement SHOULD NOT exceed 1,000 words and it must be saved in a Microsoft Word file format (for offline submission).

  8. How will my university stand a chance to win the best supporting university/college award?

    • Your university/college would need to download the supporting materials from the Asia Young Designer Award website at

    • Incorporate these supporting materials onto your university/college websites.

    • Submission Entries: Total Submission / Total Number of Student X 100% (Highest % will get 2 points)

  9. What colours can I use in my design project submission?

    • All colours used in your design project submission must be from Nippon Paint’s product range, clearly illustrated with the right colour names, colour codes and product range.

    • Colour chips can be downloaded from

  10. Are there any specific locations for the design project location?

    • No, there is no specific location for your design project location. It can either be an existing building or an empty lot of space/land.

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